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 Design Animation

Shot Sequence

1. Master's Thesis: ​This project is a technical experiment that examines the departure of traditional bipedal rigging, modeling, and animation.  The idea is that developing something contrary to popular design might uncover creative mechanisms formerly obscured throughout standard practices. I modeled, rigged, and animated the Chair Ball in Maya and taught myself how to build the blueprint in Unreal from the ground up. In the process I learned how to design the rules for the world surrounding this unique character. Each chair in the ball has a different walk, run, and jump. I constructed health and death systems, coin collection, HUD displays, switches from side scroller to third person and so on (With the exception of the background, which utilized the Unreal Engine Hour of Code lessons.)

2. Lego Death: This was a University of Texas at Dallas animated short. I was the director of photography for our team.  I rigged both characters for the short and animated the last portion of the full video located in the projects page. I also story-boarded the project, directed the final composition, and mixed the sound and music in After Effects.

3. Robot and Woman: This was an experiment in modeling and cinematography. I modeled, rigged, and animated each character and built everything in the scene.  In this animated short I tried to let the movement of the camera tell the story, more so than the actual animations on the models.  

4. Axe Guy: I rigged the character in a Master's Thesis project for a good friend.  Nick Benke created all the animations and Clayton Harper developed the model. This was my first experience with importing assets from Maya to Unreal Engine. I experimented with unique rig controls and blend shape imports.

5. Panopticon: This was a University of Texas at Dallas Master's class in game design. I was selected to be the main character rigger and assistant animator.  The team was managed by veterans in game design and the class was developed to mirror the intricacies of professional game studio projects. I rigged in Maya and imported assets into Unity. 

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