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  • 5 years of experience completing animation projects for university and contract work

  • Fluent in multiple aspects of asset creation from mesh to inception - modeling, rigging, and animation

  • Experience in game and film pipeline production and implementation



  • Technical Artist:

          2D/3D Key-Frame Animation; Unreal Character Blueprints; Character Rigging, Modeling

          and Cinematography


  • Software:

          Unreal Engine 4; Autodesk Maya; Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere; Vicon Blade Motion Capture



UTD – Dir of Photography/Project Director – 2 animated short films              2020-2021                                           Richardson, TX

          As the director of photography and director I am responsible for maintaining shot cohesion from different animators, producing

          storyboards, directing the placement of assets while tasking the team and myself to adhere to strict deadlines. I Also developed

          rigging controls, animated several shots, sourced music and sound.


Central Michigan University – Character Rigger                                          2018                                                          Dallas, TX

          I was employed to work as the main character rigger while closely engaging with the modelers, animators, and director, for a

          game level developed by CMUs Learning through Games and Simulation program.


UTD - Main Character Rigger – Panopticon Game                                       2017 – 2018                                       Richardson, TX

          Interviewed and selected as the main character rigger, I working closely with the animator and project director on a team of

         11 to produce playable game levels in Unity and Unreal. I animated and rigged both character and mechanical assets.


Tourit Media – Digital Animator and Film Editor                                           2016                                                         Dallas, TX

          I was responsible for animating and editing a promotional film for an augmented reality production team involved in new

          development real estate assets and projects undergoing renovation.


Professional Experience while attending school


MarineMax - Accounts Receivables and Warranty Admin                             2017 – Present                                        Lewisville, TX

          I am responsible for composing analytical research for creative monetary solutions while working closely with foreign and

          domestic teams from my company and our manufacturers. I also write Excel scripts to track company metrics, linked to graphic



MarineMax – Assistant Parts Manager                                                        2013 – 2017                                         Lewisville, TX

          I was responsible for managing ticket queues for communicating effectively with customers and manufacturers regarding project

          status while analyzing sales, expenses, and inventory monthly to maintain profit goals. I also acted as liaison between the

          parts department and store operations




          University of Texas at Dallas: 4.0 GPA

          Currently on the last semester working towards my MFA in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communications.


          Texas Christian University:

          Bachelor of Science in Political Science with an emphasis on Latin America and the Middle East.

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