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Panopticon is a 2.5D surveillance platformer created at the school of Arts, Technology and Emerging Communication, located in the University of Texas at Dallas. My role on the team was the character rigger and assistant animator. I worked closely with the character animator to ensure the rig had every requested control and proper deformation. I also created mechanical rigs and animated non character assets. Panopticon is inspired by the chapter “Panopticism” in Michel Foucault’s Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison.

Lego Death is a short film created at the University of Texas at Dallas. As the director of photography I was responsible for maintaining shot cohesion from different animators, producing storyboards, directing the placement of assets while tasking the team and myself to adhere to strict deadlines. I Also rigged both characters and animated several shots.

2D Office is a personal project that showcases dreams while enduring the day to day riggers of office work. I rigged an origami bird that folds and unfolds with controls to flap the wings. Getting lost in the paper seams I had to physically make the paper bird and practice in real life as I modeled and rigged inside of Maya, Illustrator, and Photoshop. The final composition was completed in After Effects. I designed this project to enhance my skills at 2D modeling, rigging, and animation.

This project was an experiment in Motion Capture utilizing 2D models, textures, shadows and FX in a 3D setting.  It mimics the I drink your milk shake portion of Paul Anderson's "there Will be Blood." I was the director on the team and key frame animated mouth and finger motions. I also rigged the two characters. We utilized Maya, Photoshop,After Effects​, and Vicon Blade Motion Capture software.

The Predetermination machine - Is it programming your actions or are you in charge? I designed this 2D animation  to question human motivations through acts of science, religion, and art. How much of an impact will your decisions have on society ?

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